Vintage silver plated tea set (five piece set)


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Coffee pot, tea pot, sugar pot and cream pot are vintage Marlboro plate- Morton Parker- Canada- E.P. Copper- lead mounts- 426

Tray is vintage Viking plate- Made in Canada- E.P. Brass- Lead mounts

Tray dimensions: 18"Lx 14"Wx 1.25"H - 22.5"L including handles 

Tray weight: 3.07Lb

Coffee pot dimensions: 5.5"Dx 8.5"H- 10"W including handle and nose

Coffee pot weight: 2.82Lb

Tea pot dimensions: 6.5"Dx 5.5"H- 11.5"W including handle and nose

Teapot weight: 2.70Lb

Cream pot dimensions: 3"Wx 5"H- 5.25"L with handle 

Creampot weight: 0.71Lb

Sugar pot weight: 4.5"Dx 4.5"H- 7.25"W with handles 

Sugar pot weight: 1.10Lb

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